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Before you purchase a metal carport

by on Dec.29, 2011, under Carport Companies, Carport Reviews Administrator Posts

Does their standard carport line include a warranty?

In terms of warranties beware of the bait and switch tactic. If a company tries to use a warranty as an upsell tactic they are being dishonest from the start. Some companies only offer a warranty on their so-called certified model.

What size is the carport truss framing?

If a company tries to sell you a 2 1/2″ square frame just be aware that this is pretty small, it will not hold up to many snow loads or meet building code requirements should you be tagged by the building inspector in the future and be required to obtain a building permit.

Which method do they use to bend the carport side posts?

There are two primary ways to bend a side post the compression (crush) bend and the mandrel bend. The mandrel bend is a much stronger bend as it maintains the shape of the frame into the bend. A compression bend also know as a crush bend actually crimps the edges of the framing lowering its capacity to withstand wind and snow loads.

Should you require a building permit will this carport meet your local building codes?

When asking if a carport will meet local building codes do not settle for the answer yes. It is always best to check with your local building department to be sure you will not find out about building permits the hard way. In some cases the building department may have outlawed a certain company from building in the area.

Does the campany building your carport have a contractors license in your state and are they insured?

The last thing anyone wants is a unlicensed and uninsured crew of illegal immigrants coming out to build their carport. In some cases crews that do not even speak english have shown up to build many carports.

What country is the steel milled in?

Many carport companies import rolls of steel out of China and then roll form the material here. More then likely if you are getting too good of a deal the steel is a much lower grade steel out of China. Many companies fabricate in America, but it does not mean the steel is milled in America where we have higher quality standards.

Are the carport builders paid by job or paid by the hour?

If a crew is paid by job rather then by the hour they will be in a big hurry and rushing leads to more mistakes.

What is the lead time for this carport?

If a company tells you it takes more then 4 weeks to deliver your carport beware.

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Carports that don’t hold up

by on Sep.29, 2011, under Carport Companies, Carport Reviews Administrator Posts

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How to Uncover Carport Con-Artists

by on Jul.17, 2010, under Carport Companies, Carport Reviews Administrator Posts

The quickest way to uncover a carport con-artist is by doing a simple search. Type the manufacturers name along with the word complaint in the Google search box.


Before you buy a carport protect yourself by first searching their reputation on Google. These days the internet makes it hard to hide your poor reputation.

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